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Friday, May 27
Field Day

Monday, May 30
Memorial Day - Schools & Offices Closed

Wednesday, June 1
Talent Show

Friday, June 10
Magnet Mile

Monday, June 13
Elementary Half Day

Wed, Jun 22 - Fri, Jun 24
Elementary Half Day

Dear Families of Incoming Webster Students:

For registration at Webster School, please call Webster School at 576-4462 to make an appointment.  You can also email Mrs. Fennell at jfennell@nredlearn.org to request an appointment.  Include your name, address and phone number in the email. 

Webster Registration Packet.pdf
Dear Parents,
At Webster, our mission is We Educate the Whole Child. As part of our mission, we are focused on providing children with opportunities to make a difference in their school and local community. We recently kicked off a recycling initiative by having a team from We Future Cycle visit each classroom to discuss the importance of recycling and how waste impacts our environment. A source-sorting station was set-up in the cafeteria, and we are committed to supporting children in reducing their waste, reusing what they can, and recycling whenever possible.  When children are finished with their lunches, they sort their waste into various buckets that include the following:  liquids, food waste, co-mingled, paper, milk containers, and lunch trays.  Our initiative will extend to challenging children to find alternative ways to pack their lunches with reusable containers, water bottles, and sandwich bags.  

Thank you for your support as we create a multitude of opportunities for children to make contributions to their school and local community.

Melissa A. Passarelli

Daniel Webster's second grade students engaged in a multidimensional learning unit on weather.  After applying what they learned about weather in their production “The Weather Show”, they engaged in a related project that incorporated science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM).   After reading the book, Oh Say Can You Say, What’s the Weather Today, featuring the Cat in the Hat, students were tasked with creating an umbrella that would keep the Cat in the Hat dry in the wind and rain.  Students observed the parts and functions of an umbrella, then worked in small groups to plan, design and create umbrellas out of various craft materials.  They tested and evaluated their designs for changes they would make the next time.  Their creativity and ingenuity really came through in the finished projects.  You can see their works-in-progress displayed in our main lobby during the month of May.  Well done, second graders!



The New York State Senate takes this opportunity to celebrate the great strides New York has made in helping to improve our environment.  Daniel Webster Magnet school and the New York State Senate would like to thank you for participating in the Earth day competition celebrating and honoring Earth Day, 2016. Your poster contribution shows your dedication to helping to protect our environment.

Magnet Attractions highlights instructional programs, school-wide events and magnet programs that have take place throughout the month.  As an arts and humanities magnet school, our students participate in studio arts, foreign language instruction, repertory theater and enrichment activities, such as Star Serve and Peer Mediation.

Click Here for the current Magnet Attraction Newsletter. 

Overview of Safety Drills
Overview of Drills.pdf

We Educate the Whole Child


Unofficial Results of Votes Cast May 17, 2016

New Rochelle voters approve City School District of New Rochelle's capital improvement bond, 2016-2017 budget

“We are grateful for the support from New Rochelle voters for this capital improvement bond and annual budget and the trust the community has placed in our administration,” said Superintendent Dr. Brian G. Osborne. “This is a necessary investment in our school buildings that will not only address safety and health issues but also reflect the pride we all have in our district.”

Board Election: Rachel Relkin re-elected and Todd Kern elected to fill two seats

Amy Bass, WVOX Interviews Dr. Osborne and Mr. White on the School Budget & Bond

Click here to listen to this clear, concise explanation.

Video on Capital Bond Referendum

Superintendent Dr. Brian Osborne discusses the need for the passage of the $106.5 million bond. The CSDNR schools provide a top tier education and are the envy of many, but some of the physical facilities are in dire need of fixing.

2016-2017 Proposed School Budget

Board of Education Unanimously Approves $106,479,575 Capital Bond Project: Proposal Will Go to Voters May 17, 2016

2016 Capital Bond Project Financing Estimate

2016 Capital Bond Project Total Project Cost Estimate

2016-2017 CSDNR School Budget & Bond FAQ

2016 Summer Camp Shape Fitness Academy Registration April 13

Register 3rd-7th graders for Camp Shape this summer (see flyer for full details) on Wednesday, April 13 from 6-8 p.m. in New Rochelle High School's House 4 Cafeteria. The camp runs Monday, June 27-Thursday, July 21, 8:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.


Campers will have an opportunity to sign up for a single sport consisting of Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer.  For enrolled campers, there will be an additional swimming option in the afternoon.  Camp fee $300; Swimming option additional $200.  Bring a check payable to:  City School District of New Rochelle.  Questions:  Call Steve Young at 914-576-4583.

Do you know there will be a Full Worm Moon March 23?

Spend an Evening Under the Stars
Come to the planetarium to find out why it's called a Full Worm Moon
Welcome spring on March 20
Say goodbye to Orion and the winter constellations
Say hello to Leo the Lion and the stars of spring

March 23 at 7 PM, NRHS Planetarium, Free

Flyer with full details attached.
March 23 Planetarium Show.pdf




Please Click Here to Review the Plan


There will be a Public Hearing on Smart Schools Bond Act Fund on November 24 at 7:45 PM at:

 Isaac E. Young Middle School, 270 Centre Avenue, New Rochelle