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The Columbus Chess Club sent 11 students to compete in the National Scholastic K-6 Chess Champions in Nashville, Tennessee on May 9-12, 2019.  There were 2252 chess players representing 46 states competing on 700 teams in 16 sections. The Columbus Chess Team won six National Awards.

In the first event, on Thursday May 9, 2019, the chess students competed in 11 rounds of Blitz (speed chess). Constantine won 1st place for chess players rated under 1000 and Dylan Minchez came in 1st place for chess players rated under 800. The Columbus team placed 7th place in the nation for Blitz chess.

Five students competed in the K-6U1000 section. These students are now National Champions, coming in 1st place after playing seven rounds of chess over three days.

Playing in this division were Constantine Zalatis, Dylan Minchez, Ignacio Valencia, Dylan Solovyev, and Aiden Rodriguez. Constantine won a second individual award coming in 5th place winning 6 of the seven rounds and Dylan Minchez won a second individual award coming in 25th place winning 5 of the seven rounds. All of the Columbus students on this section of the team were awarded wall plaques for coming in first place, in addition to their team trophy.

Four students competed in the K-5U900 section. They were Naolin Concha, Joel Salick, Giovanna Murgia and Gianna Murgia. These students came in 29th place in their section.

Guilianna Murgia and Ashley Corazao competed in the K-3U700 section.

The chess club wants to thank all of the parents, teachers, administrators, the Columbus community and the National Scholastic Chess Foundation for their essential support throughout the 2018-2019 school year.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion

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Chess Team Raffle Results

Drawing on  June 12th

National Chess Champions

National Chess Champions

January 18 Tournament

Another successful chess tournament was held at Columbus Elementary on Saturday. Columbus teams came in first place in four sections; Championship, Reserve, Booster, and the 2-3 Novice sections. Along with the four team awards students won eight individual awards.

Ignacio and Constantine came in 1st place as a team in the Championship section.

Ashley, Gianna and Joel came in 1st place in the Reserve section. Joel came in 2nd place and Ashley came in 3rd for chess players under 750.

Jacqueline, Moises, Nathalie, Jennifer, Giuliana and Peyton came in 1st place as a team in the Booster section. Jacqueline came in 3rd place while Nathalia came in 1st place for unrated players and Jennifer came in 2nd place for unrated players.

Bryson, Luis, Julian, William, Victor Yesenia, Cesar R., Melany and Cesar M. came in 1st place in the 2-3 Novice section. Bryson came in 1st place, Luis came in 3rd place, and Julian came in 5th place.

A heavy snow was falling outside by the end of the tournament. The students are getting excited as they prepare for the New York State Championships in Saratoga and the Westchester County Championships at Columbus, both in March.

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January 18 Tournament