Humanities Magnet

Humanities for All Grades

Each grade level has its own Humanities strand. Humanities understandings basically come from the New York State standards in Social Studies, Language Arts, and the Arts.

Sociology is the first grade study of their community and social units of family, class, neighborhood, and city. Economics in second grade leads to exploration of the needs, wants, interdependence and resources of the community - both in colonial times and in the present. Third graders explore concepts of Jurisprudence in the community-civics, laws, responsibility, fairness, and authority through guest speakers, class readings and discussions, and more. Fourth graders learn to philosophize - that is, to think clearly, logically, using oral and written language to understand and be understood as they use comparison and contrast, nuance, figures of speech, words with more than one meaning, and much more- through poetry, literature, and discussion. Fifth graders use all previous humanities strands as they explore Historical Perspectives Through Literature - learning to see from other perspectives in other time periods.

Humanities is everywhere: literature, history, the history of ideas, social studies, and the sciences.

Grade level humanities projects integrate various content areas- social studies, language arts, visual arts, vocal music. Projects take many forms- dramatic presentations or performances , cross-grade level connections, and gallery exhibits. Service projects to help our school community, local community, or world-wide community often make great humanities experiences. Even math and science can become humanities and arts integrations!

Magnet Facilitator

The Magnet Facilitator is responsible for Studio Arts, the Humanities Strands in all grade levels, Service Week Activities, community outreach, and various special programs. Daniel Webster has been an arts and humanities magnet school since 1982, attracting students from all neighborhoods in New Rochelle. Our school is unique and special because of the wonderful students, teachers, staff, and parents who make up our school community! 

The 2019-20 school year is Kathleen Coyne’s fifth year as Magnet Facilitator, and 23rd year at Webster. In addition to this, Kathleen  has been coaching and collaborating with teachers to deliver high quality, rigorous math instruction and has been delivering Math AIS (additional instructional support) to students. Kathleen’s email is

Magnet Program

Our Magnet programs are the grade - level Humanities strands, the Studio Arts Program, World Languages, and special programs like our theater and dance residencies. We have been a Magnet school since 1982. We are always developing and refining details of these programs. Of course, the Magnet programs are in addition to the regular academic areas - language arts, math, social studies, science, art, technology, vocal and instrumental music, library, and physical education! Our Magnet programs are designed to attract students from all of the neighborhoods in New Rochelle to encourage diversity.

Studio Arts

All students take 10 weeks of studio arts.  The arts offerings may include dance, creative movement, theater arts, world music, design, cartooning, watercolor painting, portrait painting, environmental recycling arts, and architecture. Each year the actual studio arts offered will vary, depending on the availability of our artists.

Kindergarten students take a performing arts studio and a visual arts studio. First and second graders are assigned to a studio by their classroom teacher.  Third, fourth, and fifth graders are given studio descriptions and asked to indicate their general preferences. 

Studios began this year in October, and culminated in January with the Studio Arts Festival, which parents were invited to attend. 

Watch for the 2020-2021 studio dates to be posted!

World Languages

All students in kindergarten through fifth grades now take Spanish three days each week. 

Our full day district Kaleidoscope fourth and fifth graders take Mandarin Chinese.

All Webster students participate in the language program through fifth grade. The program focuses on fluent communication and culture. Students engage in learning through songs, stories, traditions, foods and holidays. Languages enrich our Humanities curriculum by offering multiple perspectives, culture, and arts!

Our Language teachers work with the grade level teachers to connect with New York State curriculum in Language Arts and Social Studies such as community, regions of the world, immigration, and family tradition.

Mrs.Debra Kohn- Spanish - kindergarten, and first grades

Mr. Chris Belfont- Spanish - second, third, fourth, and fifth grades