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1.) In order for a student to receive a device they first need to have an nredlearn Google account. This will allow them access to all of our CSDNR instructional technology tools.

Once a student is registered in eSchoolPlus within 24 hours an nredlearn account will be generated for you.

2.) Once you receive your nredlearn account you must fill out the CSDNR Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) in order for the student to be eligible for a school issued device. En Español: CSDNR Acceptable Use Policy

3.) After the AUP has been signed, you must fill out the Device Loaner Form for Students. Both students and parents/guardians must sign off on the form. En Español: Device Loaner Form for Students

Once this form has been filled out by both the student and parent/guardian, the student can go to their respective building Instructional Technology Facilitator and/or the Technology Teaching Assistant to receive a school issued device.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!