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9th Grade

  • In 9th grade, students are assigned to a team.

  • The team consists of the core classes: English, global, science and math. Counselors are assigned to a team.

  • The team meets weekly along with the house principal, school psychologist and social worker.

  • Counselors will push in and do activities throughout the year to help be acquainted with students and do activities related to academic, career and social emotional growth.

  • Students will also be working on Naviance curriculum throughout the year, which also targets academic, career and social emotional learning.

  • In the spring students will meet with their counselor to go over academic progress, courses offered and course selection for the following year.

 10th Grade

  • Counselors meet with students during the year in small groups.

  • Students will continue with Naviance activities and can explore careers through interest inventories.

  • 10th graders will have the opportunity to attend the BOCES Career Conference.

  • There is a trip to SW BOCES to explore the opportunities offered there for 11th

  • All 10th graders will take the PSAT exam in October.

  • Counselors will review PSAT results and go over college related standardized tests.

  • Counselors will meet with 10th graders in the spring to review academic standing and go over the course selection process for 11th

11th Grade

  • 11th graders will take the PSAT in October.

  • Counselors will have small group meetings during the year to go over the college search and application process as well as standardized tests for college admissions.

  • In the spring semester counselors will meet with each 11th grader and his/her family in a college conference to review academic progress, admission tests, course selections for 12th grade, and discussing postsecondary plans for after graduation.

  • Naviance is used by 11th graders to continue career exploration (see Road Trip Nation) and developing a list of colleges that the student is interested in applying to in 12th

  • Students are encouraged to visit with college representatives throughout the year when they come to the College and Career Center located in the library.

12th Grade

  • There is a general meeting with 12th graders to go over the college application process in September.

  • Counselors meet individually with students to review applications, essays, procedures to ensure that the process is done smoothly, application materials are submitted on time and stress is kept to a minimum.

  • Counselors meet with students regarding all options after high school and look to find the right path for each student whether it be college, taking a gap year, going to work or serving in the military.

Throughout all four years counselors are here to help students navigate through high school and access information and resources. Counselors work with students and families to ensure that that academic progress towards graduation is made and help students deal with the social-emotional pressures often found during high school. Students can get help dealing with various issues such as academics, bullying, substance abuse issues, anxiety, depression, and grief. The counselor is here to help and get students the help they need to be happy, successful and productive!